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Freedom Financial Partners is the expert partner you can count on to help you with your financial services needs.  Work with one of our specialists to get your financial foundation established and be in a position to better monitor and manage the financial health of your business.


The minimal financial service any business needs is to have basic accounting records.  It is not necessary to hire someone to do bookkeeping, but you want to ensure you have a proper foundation to manage your finances.  Freedom Financial offers a consulting engagement to set up a basic chart of accounts and a preliminary budget, or we can help you in a more hands on manner to set up and maintain your business financial records.  The basic services include creation of your chart of accounts, maintaining your accounts on a periodic basis, ensuring your business licenses and SCC status remain current, and providing the reporting required for tax preparation. 


Freedom Financial Partners understands the decisions and choices facing a new business.  Work with one of our specialists to get your questions answered and get past business formation and on to doing what you want to do – growing your business!


Determining how your business will operate – who and how will decisions be made? the source for start-up equity funding, distribution of profits, and how and under what conditions can ownership be transferred? is critical to clear governance of a new business venture.  This document can be called many thing:  A Business Operating Agreement, the Bylaws, or a Partnership Agreement are some of the names for this document.  The specific name and how formal the document may be is determined by the business entity selected.  A Sole Proprietorship is one business entity where this document is rarely formalized, but thinking through these issues is important, regardless of what you call the document.

We specialize in working with both new and existing businesses.
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