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Ginger Garvey - Senior Partner

In 2008, after over 20 years as a marketing professional for a Fortune 20 company, Ginger purchased a retail tax preparation franchise.  Tax knowledge for both businesses and individuals was something Ginger brought with her into this new venture.  Ginger founded Freedom Financial Partners in 2009 to provide additional financial services to her tax customers.


With the changes in the tax environment including the Affordable Care Act, Ginger added Life, Health and Annuity licenses to her professional portfolio.  It is rare to find an indvidual with both the depth and bredth of knowledge Ginger has developed.


"As a business owner, I have my hand in every aspect of my businesses.  Personally, I want to know where my money is, and how it is being managed.  I see finances as a strategic asset to be managed holistically.  It is not just about balancing a check book, and having money left over at the end of the pay period, month, or year.  It's about knowing what you should expect regarding income and expenses.


I want to move both individuals and businesses into strategic financial planning.  I am looking to develop passive income, maximize earnings while reducing taxable income and building a lifestyle of financial freedom.  I don't worry about my finances - and my clients shouldn't either!"


In addition to an extensive business portfolio, Ginger is the mother of four grown children and enjoys traveling and spending time hanging out with her friends.  "I am actually very creative for a nerd, and enjoy photography and creative graphic design.  Of course, I've turned this into another business - GG Brand Management."


Ginger is easy to find on social media in additon to subscribing to her newsletters for both Freedom Financial Partners, and GG Brand Managment.

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