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Beginner Activity - 52 week challenge

How hard is it to save $1.00?  Just $1.00 per week!  That is right, you start by saving just $1 this week.  Next week, you save another $1 and add just ONE more dollar.  That is a total of $2.00 for week two.  If you continue saving a dollar more each week, so that at the end of the 52 weeks, you are putting in 52 dollars, do you know how much you will have...

Beginner Topic - Know your net worth

We are going to measure your net worth.  Your net worth is a financial snapshot that summarizes everything you have and subtracts everything you owe.  The purpose of this exercise is to give you a snapshot, not make you crazy or stressed.

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Our goal is to help you be successful.  Basic financial and administrative support is a necessity, but much of what you need to do is fairly simple. The following are some do it yourself basic templates.  Feel free to download and set yourself up for success, and contact us if you need more help.


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